January 29, 2023

Few comedy teams can compare to Harvey Korman and Tim Conway on ‘The Carol Burnett Show.’ In Season 6, Episode 20, Harvey calls the fire department because his antiques are burning in flames. They tell him they sent a truck 90 minutes ago, and Harvey exclaims, “Who could take that long?”

Then, he hears the sirens approach. He tries to open his door but hears glass breaking from his window. It is the ‘Oldest Man’ played by Tim Conway. Harvey tells him to hurry.

Tim keeps breaking the window slowly until every pane is destroyed while the audience cracks up. Harvey starts laughing as soon as he sees Tim in the fireman’s costume.


Tim slowly climbs through the window. Once Tim is in, he still continues to smash the window from the inside! Every slow swing of the ax makes the audience laugh more.

Harvey keeps telling him to hurry, but Tim’s ‘Oldest Man’ character never moves fast. Tim drags the hose, but he pauses every few steps. Harvey says, ‘What’s the matter?” Tim says, “If you slid down as many poles as I did, you’d be chaffed too!”

Harvey falls on the floor from smoke inhalation and roles on his stomach. Tim reads the instruction manual but climbs onto Harvey backward, squeezing his butt. Tim says, “It looks like you are going to be alright. You’re starting to get some color in your cheeks.”

Harvey tells Tim mouth-to-mouth is the only way. Tim lays down on the floor next to him and slides his arm under Harvey’s neck. Immediately, Harvey starts cracking up laughing, and Tim makes it worse by saying romantically, “Where you from?” The sketch ends with both men laughing at each other hysterically.

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