January 29, 2023

Michelle Obama and her daughter Malia showed out in Miami Beach to enjoy their weekend accompanied by some of their friends, Valerie Jaret, and secret service personnel. Malia was on a holiday break from Harvard University. The former first lady’s swimsuit has, however, attracted a lot of comments, as some stating the swimsuit was inappropriate. The photos that surfaced showed Michelle. Fifty-three wearing an all-white swimsuit covered by a rugged white high waist-jeans cut-off shorts and a blustery white cover-up blouse. She accessorized her outfit with large hoop earrings, sunglasses, and a bandana.

The former first lady was carrying her shoes in one hand as she walked on the sand barefoot. Malia was spotted in a tan hoodie and black bottoms carrying her shoes on one hand and a book on the other as she walked alongside her mother. Sasha was nowhere to be seen with many social media users speculating she was there the previous weekend with one of her friends and Joe Biden’s daughter.

The appearance of the former first lady attracted some social media users who deemed her outfit to be of poor taste and inappropriate for her age. One commenter went ahead to state that Malia looked embarrassed because of her mother’s outfit. While some seemed astonished to believe she was the former first lady, others thought Michelle was getting a massive load of inspiration from Beyonce Knowles. Several people did not like her attire, and one aired her observation that despite the hue of the apparel, Michelle did not bother buttoning her shorts, which exposed the white bottoms inside.

The commenter went ahead to show their relief that the family no longer represents them anymore. Notably, not everyone was annoyed by her dressing; some of the social media users went ahead to defend the former first lady’s attire for her holiday. One defended her by saying she had been on the limelight for long, and now she should be left to enjoy herself on her holiday. The commenter kept it clear that the family looks great, and politics should be exempted from them. “Michelle is self-confident and an elegant woman who needs out approval,” she stated. This user showed us the importance of being each other’s cheerleaders.

Precisely, not every social media individual agreed on the appropriateness of her swimsuit. The varying reactions seemed to be based on politics and others on the old days when they had a first family that was decent, intelligent, and eloquent. Nonetheless, Michelle and Malia seemed to be less concerned about the world outside their circle.

They later left their hotel and headed to Prime 112 steakhouse for dinner, where Michelle had changed her beachwear to something friendly, a neutral green tank, high-waist trousers, and a blue cardigan accessorized with a black purse and some jewelry. Michelle seemed to be in a great mood as she walked behind her daughter, who wore a black and white romper while stepping outside Prime 112 steakhouse. They later headed out of town without any sign of Mr. Obama’s presence. The weekend gateway seemed to be more of a ladies-only holiday.

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