January 30, 2023

Only 4% Of People Can Win This Challenge: Can You Find The Letter “G” In The Photo Below?
-Did you find the odd without looking at the soIution? It’s a little difficult…

-In this next episode of “Are you Genius” riddle tests, you have to find the odd letter among other letters in 5 seconds. You get a series of a particular letter from the English alphabet and you have to find the odd letter e.g. “Find G among Cs” and so on.

-It may seem that these are very easy puzzles but our eyes and brain use a lot of shortcuts to make faster caIculation. While using these shortcuts it often ignores a lot of obvious stuff in front of us. These visual puzzles and riddle are an out`come of that.

So find out if you have ‘Genius Eyes” in this fun riddle..

Take a deeper look here:

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