January 31, 2023

People can’t help but notice that Tom Brady’s face has undergone a dramatic transformation over the years. And while the NFL star’s slimmed down contours could be pretty easily explainable — he undergoes a rigorous training regimen as a quarterback — many people think there’s a more vain explanation for his changing look.

People are calling Tom out over his more prominent cheekbones.

Several people have picked up on the fact that Tom has undergone a massive makeover throughout the duration of his career, prompting some to question exactly what’s behind the noticeably more angular look to his face.

“Tom Brady has transformed into Mugatu from Zoolander from all this plastic surgery he’s gotten,” one person wrote on Facebook alongside a series of portraits of the NFL star.

Fans even took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Some joked about the changes, with one person writing that Tom’s face “has a swimmer’s body.”

Others shared their concerns that Tom’s gaunt new profile have something to do with his health.

“We need to talk about how unhealthy Tom Brady looks,” another person shared. “His face is almost unrecognizable.”

Some advised against commenting on Tom’s obvious weight loss.

More than a few people asked if Tom had gotten his buccal fat removed, a procedure that’s rising in popularity among the Hollywood elite thanks to the gaunt look it gives recipients.

But a small contingent of people advised against making such accusations, pointing to the way people treated Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman before his death.

“Idk what’s happening with Tom, but people need to stop ridiculing changes in people’s appearance,” one person wrote in part. “You never know what could be going on.”

Tom’s gone through a lot of changes over the past year.

Between his divorce from supermodel wife Gisele Bündchen to concerns over whether the quarterback still had what it takes to be out on the gridiron with the rest of his 20-something teammates, we have to imagine Tom’s been under a lot of stress, which could be prompting changes to his weight and appearance.

No matter what Tom’s up to, it’s his business.

People seem to think because Tom has been missing practices it’s a sure sign he’s been going under the knife (although there are some other convincing theories that he’s been filming The Masked Singer), but it could also be that he’s now trying to find a way to juggle his responsibilities as a single dad.

Whatever’s going on with Tom, we hope he’s in good health. His children need their father, especially with all the changes in their family life these days

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