January 28, 2023

A little old lady gets pulled over for speeding…
The officer walks up to the car and after a quick greeting takes the documentation she has ready for him.

He notices a license to conceal carry a pistol and he asks,
“Ma’am do you have a firearm in the vehicle?”
She replies,
“Well yes sir, I do.”
The officer smiles a little as this lady was no more than 5’ tall and 90 lbs. and had to be 90 years old.

“Ma’am, may I ask what type of firearm you have?”
“Well yes sir,” she replies,
“I’ve got a 9mm in my purse, and I keep a .45 in the center console here, and I’ve also got a mag num in the glove compartment.”

The officer is taken back a little,
“Is that it?” He asks half kidding.
“Well no, I do have a pistol grip sh0000t g****n in the trunk as well.”
The officer is really raising his eye brows at this point, and he asks,
“Ma’am, what are you afraid of?”

The little old lady replies,
“Not a f*ng thing.”

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